How to Know When Your Idea Has Legs

How to Know When Your Idea Has Legs

Melissa Kwan and her co-founder built Spacio, a company that helped real estate agents win and manage leads that come from hosting open houses.


Kwan built the company to roughly 100,000 agents using Spacio when a chance encounter at an industry conference led to an acquisition offer from HomeSpotter.


This remarkably candid interview features lots of wisdom from the trenches including how to:


  • Live on one meal a day, which Kwan did to make her capital stretch further.
  • Find people to beta test your product for free.
  • Pick your co-founder.
  • Know when to give up (and when to soldier on).


You’ll also hear why Kwan regrets sharing so much equity with her co-founder and why she stopped talking to her parents in the process of building Spacio.



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