What I Do


I directly guide and assist companies with organizational change, executive leadership, profit margin improvement, and team alignment. In recent years, I have shifted my focus to the recruiting and retention challenges that HVAC contractors face in today’s job market. 

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The 5 Triggers of Recruiting

The 5 Triggers of Recruiting: Reasons Why People Leave Their Jobs

Short Term Needs

When you need to make a change NOW.

Long Term Stability

When the status quo is not sustainable


Bad bosses, pushy dispatchers, and every person for themself

Respect, Status, and Career Progress

When I realize my career is going nowhere in this company

Feeling of Mastery

When I’m good at my work, but not allowed to do it well

Where Do I start?

We both know you don’t have time to do this alone. Click the button below to schedule a 15 minute meeting with me.

What Working With Us is Like

Our Process


Determine your EVP (Employment Value Proposition)

Survey your employees to determine, in their words, the value they receive in and beyond the paycheck at your company. What are the problems you solve for your employees?

Pick your Meeting Time

Select the 2 Hour (ish) time weekly that you will keep sacred for getting your recruiting machine going.

Design your Recruiting Machine

Your survey will inform this–in house referrals? Social Media? Third party recruiting? Long-term people development? Software for your pipeline? Internal roles and duties?

Select and Train the Team

If recruiting is one person’s job at your company, you’re in trouble. Your entire company needs to be a recruiting machine.

Launch your new recruiting program

We consistently review action items while working with members to implement your plan and measure the effectiveness.

Measure and evaluate your results

Over the course of 12 weeks tweak and adjust your program for optimal results

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