Escape from day-to-day operations and into the freedom of ownership Whether you want to pass ownership to the next generation, sell your business, or just bring in key managers so you can get to higher level leadership and sales, we will help you dramatically increase the value of your company utilizing The Value Builder System.

How It Works

Are you a business owner or leader that feels stuck?

At Operations Laboratory, we work with owners and leaders who feel stuck or trapped in their role in their business. Using Value Builder’s proven methods and data, we facilitate group-centered and private consulting to help you out of the day-to-day and into higher level leadership and sales. With monthly group sessions (lab sessions) with like-minded professionals and to one-on-one talks with our execution consultants, we assess your business’ current performance while outlining a plan to improve productivity across all areas. Whether you want to sell your company or simply have more fun running it, our methodology will free you up.

Take the next step towards understanding the value of your business.

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THE VALUE BUILDER SYSTEM is a statistically proven methodology for increasing the value of your company.

Lab Sessions

Once a month, members join together to share their ideas, problems and potential solutions with each other under the facilitation of an execution consultant. These half-day meetings serve as the perfect opportunity for members to step outside of their businesses and analyze it from a different perspective.

One-on-One Consulting

In addition to lab sessions, members have individual meetings with execution consultants every month to strategize and implement matters related to their own business. One-on-one meetings offer a time to discuss and remove the barriers obstructing execution and receive customized help.

Our Process

What makes Operations Laboratory Unique?

Peer-to-Peer Support

Members participate in facilitated lab sessions with like-minded peers that support them while also holding them accountable for their actions.

Lab sessions and one-on-ones are routinely held to ensure progress is tracked and consistency is upheld.

This is more than just talking. Members are constantly developing and following through on ideas with real-world actions with the assistance of their execution consultant.

All actions and recommendations are based on Value Builder’s extensive business research and metrics.

Over a 6 to 12-month period, members should experience:

You begin to own your business, instead of your business owning you

You will no longer chase invoices to make payroll

Many of the common small business problems will be eliminated

You begin to work on the business instead of in the business

You are not held hostage by any of your employees or clients

You gain the ability to strategize and implement long-term strategic decisions

Your conversations will develop into plannable actions

Your business will develop into an investment instead of just being a job

You will gain a throughout understanding of your target market

You will base your decisions off of data instead of emotion

You will consistently track and understand the financial aspect of your business

Your business will experience overall growth

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