The Opposite of Resiliency Process: Are Your Employees Panicking?

The Opposite of Resiliency Process: Are Your Employees Panicking?

As our world opens back up, people are still very much on edge. With companies continuing to close down and unemployment rates rising, communication with your employees is absolutely critical. Without providing the information people need, employees are at risk of walking down a three-phase process that leads to the opposite of resiliency.

1. Unexplained Information Appears

It can all begin with a single piece of information that appears without proper explanation. Hysteria and worrying can quickly formulate from a minor change that management personnel may completely overlook.

2. Disastrous Reasoning Starts

When this data goes unexplained, employees frantically construct a disastrous reason that this information exists. For example – if an office is repainted, an employee may think the business is being sold or someone was fired. 

3. Problem Generalization

At this phase in the process, that negative outlook and unwarranted fear is forecasted across every aspect of the business.

Ultimately, this process leads to a lack of resilience and trust, which is the opposite of what business owners and employees currently need. Keep this in mind with your internal communication moving forward – in the absence of information, people will assume the worst.

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